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Why are black cats evil or bad luck?

Hey fam! (always wanted to say that) What's up?

We all know why witches are evil. They are witches. Witches are evil.

But why are black cats evil or bad luck?

Ooooo *ghost voice*
Because I'm a cat lover, every Halloween season (and every time I think of the superstition of black cats crossing your path being bad luck), I've always found it unfair that black cats are singled out from other cats and called evil. I mean, the poor poor widdle kitties! *kitty-cooing voice*

So in honor of Halloween (which is over but so what), let's take a look at WHY black cats are evil.

And I choose you, Wiki-chu! (Pokemon reference)

BUT BEFORE THAT, let's think logically and rationally on our own before relying on Wiki-chu's powers.

Black cats. Why could they be evil or bad luck? Here are my guesses:

1. Because they are black and black is associated with darkness and the unknown.
2. Because a woman who was thought of to be a witch, owned a black cat and because she was the first ever identified witch, it became known to all that black cats are evil, or bad luck.
3. Because shadows are creepy and darkness and associated with demons and possession, and black cats are kinda like shadows, they are then thought of as evil.

Let's see if I'm right at all, shall we?

Black cats are actually not associated as bad luck in all countries. Wiki says Scots believe that black cats suddenly appearing bring prosperity into the home.

Celtic mythology has this fairy cat. Cool, huh? It's called the "Cat Sìth". It's a large black cat always bristling and is as large as a dog. WHAT. Not cool. But it's not completely black. Oh darn it Wiki, then why are we even talking about it? What? It has white on it's chest? How can you link me from black cat to Cat Sìth when it's not completely black? It's not evil either as long as you basically keep it happy with games, catnip, and a saucer of milk. Typical cat, I would say.

It is also said to be a witch that can change into a cat nine times but the final time, the witch will have to live forever as a cat, or . Wiki says the idea of cats having nine lives came from this. Huh. Never would've guessed there was a cat fairy.

Anyway, back to black.

Never mind being one with the Force (Star Wars reference).
This black cat is one with the Cushion.
Must more awesome.
Wiki is claiming black cats are considered good luck in Japan but I have lived in Japan for over 20 years and I have NEVER heard of that. I have only heard that cats are good luck but not about any specific type of cat.

Black cats are evil omens according to the Western peeps. But get this,

"In Germany, some believe that black cats crossing a person's path from right to left, is a bad omen. But from left to right, the cat is granting favorable times. In the United Kingdom it is commonly considered that a black cat crossing a person's path is a good omen." (Wiki: Black cat).

So if you live in Germany, you have to be super aware of which way the cat came from. But what if the cat jumped down from a tree on your head??? It's not like that will NEVER happen. Never say never! (Magic School Bus reference).

But seriously, what would that be considered as? Do you have to measure the angle from which the cat jumped to see if it was right or left?

Pilgrims were suspicious people and thought black cats were evil. If someone had a black cat that poor soul would be punished or even killed! :0 WHAT??? Over a black cat? A harmless little meow?

Awww :D
Casually, Wiki-chu says, "There is no evidence from England of regular large-scale massacres of "satanic" cats, or of burning them in midsummer bonfires, as sometimes occurred elsewhere in Europe."

EUROPE! You little...suspicious group of peeps back in the day! Europe you little!

It's fine. It's fine. Bygones be bygones, like they say. I like Europe.

As a side note,

I found this book. Maybe it's a good read? *grimace face* If I ever finish reading all my other books, I might take a peep at it. But just a peep. I'm a cat-lover. I cannot tolerate the idea of killing cats.

Next. Sailors. These are the guys kind to black cats. A ship's cat was often a black cat for good luck. Thank you sailors. Not Sailor Moon. And no, I have never watched any of the shows. Don't hate me :P

Fishermen's wives would also keep black cats to try to protect their husbands who went out sea to fish. I guess black cats and ships is a thing to...ship XD 

Okay, bad pun.

Evidence! I has evidence!
Actually, you can't really tell if the cat is black or not.
But I think it's at least MOSTLY black. Good enough for evidence.
And that guy is a sailor, obviously.
Wiki, wiki, wiki, you are only talking about black cats as good luck. That's good but what about the topic of this blog post, hmm? You guys can take a look at the Wiki page later. Egyptian goddess Bast or Bastet was a cat goddess so good luck from there and...yeah some monarch's cat died in the 17th century and then he lost all his luck and was arrested.

King Charles I after original by van Dyck.jpg
Charles I who owned a black cat for good luck.
Was arrested the day after his cat died.
Okay, so "Anarcho-syndicalism". Mmm, yeah. What on Earth is the heck is this you say? Color black is an anarchism color. The scaredy black cat of Halloween comes from here. If you want to know what anarchism is, it's a whole 'nother wiki page linked here if you are bored and can take political ish. And by these anarchists, the black cat symbol was associated with sabotage against an employer or boss. So, if you saw a black cat, there may be sabotage going on, and you would be a little scared or superstitious. Let's talk about the word "superstitious" in another post because I think we should ask what is so "super" about it.

Okay, here's the wiki page for Black cat.

You might notice Black Cat Day but we won't touch upon the good things about being a black cat. The question of this post is basically, why are black cats evil? Why are they bad luck?

Well, it turns out mostly because they used to be associated with witches, and because they were a symbol of anarchists doing sabotage and frightening their bosses or other employees.

This is the original anarchist symbol of the Industrial Workers of the World.
Am I allowed to point out that this cat isn't completely black?
Is this a different variation of the Cat Sìth?

Put together those two things and we have a black cat that is evil and is bad luck.

The anarchist big guy of the Industrial Workers of the World, Ralph Chaplin said, "You know if you saw a black cat go across your path you would think, if you were superstitious, you are going to have a little bad luck. The idea of sabotage is to use a little black cat on the boss." (Wiki: Black cat).

It's Ralph Chaplin's fault that black cats are considered bad luck.

Shame on you Ralph.

I wonder if he's still alive...WIKI!


Nah, not going to Wikipedia Deep Dive here. The answer has been questioned...I mean, the question has been answered. That mess up was not on purpose. My fingers just typed it and...anyway.

Now maybe you can take some pity on black cats and love them. Let them cross your path. Let them cross your path both ways GERMANY and know that they are just normal cats who happen to be black.

Any mention of the word "black" in this post was ONLY APPLIED TO CATS. Just to throw that out there. Thought I should just in case.

Also, all my guesses were wrong :P

Darn it.

See ya later, alligators!

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